Overview - of Alexander And Angelina Engineering Inspiration Center Foundation

1st December 2018 Rayong, Thailand. This page will give you an overview of the AAAEIC Foundation. To learn about its origins click here.

See in your minds eye. a small boy, born in the Scottish wilds and transported to the industrial North East of England at age 2. No “Cartoon Channel” to keep him “sedated”, in fact, no satellites around to beam thousands of channels to no Mega-Ultra High Definition, 73K colour televisions (no televisions for that matter!). His future did not include infinite opportunities for varied and rewarding careers, surrounded as he was by the sons of miners who themselves had almost exclusively, the prospect of a working life down the pits ahead of them. The drugs he had access to consisted entirely of foul tasting liquids forced down his throat if he as much as sniffed! And horror of horrors – NO MOBILE PHONE!

This period in our history, which would clearly be viewed as tortuous to young children of today, did have it’s benefits, not least of which was the opportunity to develop an IMAGINATION and our little boy had this a-plenty.

Now close the eye of your mind and simply look around you to see many of today’s children. Addicted to “channel-flicking”, no career aspirations beyond wanting to be “mega-rich” as many of their TV heroes are, an escape from their mundane lives readily available in little pills, sold on many street corners and the seemingly mandatory mobile phone clasped firmly in their hands, it’s irresistible attraction working it’s magic even when the children are together in groups?

Go back to our little boy. Given his imagination, even amongst the overbearing pit-heads he was surrounded by, his thoughts turn back to early memories of seeing steam locomotives being winched onto ships, bound for exotic, far flung destinations. He remembers tales of his Grandfather’s exploits bringing trains and tracks to the lion infested wilds ofEast Africa. Perhaps it was his genes that drew him to watch with fascination these giant, hissing, hugely powerful machines dragging their, to his mind, almost endless stream of carriages along snaking tracks that surely must go on forever? And when the inquisitiveness common to children of his era drew him inexorably nearer and nearer to the place where these huge monsters actually stopped and he found that instead of being sent on his way with a clip on the ear, his fascination was greeted by encouragement from the men charged with servicing the locomotives, his IMAGINATION was supplemented by INSPIRATION.

And on to today. Our little boy has enjoyed a lifetime of service to the bMaster of Engineering/, all brought on by his circumstances (or maybe, in spite of them?) and the kindness of a few men willing to encourage his bImagination/ and foster his Inspiration rather than turning him away.

Chris Ross is an Engineer. He is also a father. He has two children named Angelina and Alexander (Alex and Lina) and like most fathers, he wants the brightest future possible for his children.

But why stop with just HIS children? What if there were a way that Chris could use his expertise and resources to INSPIRE not only his own children, but countless others? What if he could show these other children that there is more to life than mobile phones? What if he could do something that enriched the lives of these children and afforded the particularly adept and INSPIRED among them, the opportunity for access to an education that would otherwise remain well beyond the means of their families? And what if these other children, like his own, could have endless FUN at the same time?

Thus was born, in Chris Ross’ Imagination, the idea for the ALEXANDER AND ANGELINA ENGINEERING INSPIRATION CENTRE Foundation! Read more on the Origins History.

“Let us buy up all the steam trains in the Thailand and give children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, the chance to learn by hands-on problem-solving how to strip them all, repair them and get them all running again and so have Steam Locomotives running around in Thailand?” thinks Chris. But age has tempered his Imagination with a necessary smidgen of Reality.

“Then if we can’t do that, let’s start small and work towards it?” considers Chris, knowing a national return to Steam may never happen, but also knowing that working towards that unattainable goal would still be of tremendous benefit to his children and countless others and also afford them a huge amount of FUN!


So we have begun the first stage in the process of setting up the Foundation. In summary, it begins with the boring stuff of setting up legal entities, conforming with the boring, bureaucratic requirements of people with no IMAGINATION or INSPIRATION and doing mundane things like raising money and obtaining permissions and suchlike. But then the FUN starts…..

You cannot, in all good conscience, leave the story here….? Click around on this site and find out more about this wonderful Foundation Start with the History Origins, then move on to Early Plans, then Future Plans. Learn as much as you like from internal and external links but when your curiosity is satisfied, go back and find the bits about how YOU can help?

Too much money in your bank account? Give us some, or at least buy a Hat or T Shirt to show your support! Have children, or know of some, who would benefit from joining in with our plans? Get in touch with us now! Best of all, have too much time on your hands??? Then come and….


Believe me, we will find you something to do and promise you will have FUN doing it!

The journey is just beginning and YOU can be part of it! Now read on.. We are full of plans.

The following initial Budget has been agreed:

Legal KSS Formation 120,000
Legal Extras 50,000
Kabota mini-digger 300,000
Trailer for mini-digger 50,000
Trailer for train with lift 100,000
Track starter from UK 375,000
Social Media 50,000
Stock up on T-shirts and Caps 50,000
Trees 250,000
TOTAL 1,345,000

For actual spending please see the latest news.

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