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What is all this about ?

This is a strange sort of diary. A bit of an ego-trip to he honest, but also a record of a family with somewhat unconventional stories to tell.

My name is Chris Ross and I have put this web-site together for the benefit of family and friends.

It is not a blog or a diary really, although I have laid it out in a chronological sequence of not always connected stories.

In fact it is a collection of emails written at the time to keep others a breast of events. Not all written by me, but most are.

The characters in the story are numerous, but most frequently appearing are my immediate family, pictured in the collage above.

From left to right, they are (ages in 2018):

  • Jordan Ross (18), my third son.
  • Wilaipron (Yuy) Ross (30), my now ex-wife (see Inevitable Divorce).
  • Chris Ross (66), that's me.
  • Jamie Ross (21), my second son.
  • Joey Ross (36), my first daughter.
  • Tom Ross (34), my first son.
  • Angelina (Lina) Ross (8), my second daughter born 17th July 2010.
  • Alexander Ross (5), my third son born 26 May 2012.
  • Genghis and Shompoo (2) our twin cross-colly dogs, of which only Genghis now survives who as of 9th September 2011 temporarily went to a new home.
  • Sharbu and puppies, who is now the house-dog of the Comander of the Navy base at Satahip.

This family is scatterd in a global manner. I live with Yuy and Lina (due to be born 19th July 2010) and the two dogs in Thailand. Joey is working for CARE, a medical aid NGO, in southern Sudan. Tom, an officer in the British Army, is stationed in Germany. Jamie and Jordan visit Thailand regularly and live with their mother Suzanne in Ealing, London.

The contents of this site are personal stories written at the time or shortly after the events and as such carry the social and political views of the author with them. Click on the navigation menu on the left to dig deeper!

Ross's left to right: Tom, Val (Tom and Joanna's mother), Jamie, Jordan, Chris and Joey, taken 18th April 2010.