AAAEIC Foundation


Consider the situation of many of today's Young People...? Disillusioned with school, no hobbies or interests beyond their mobile phones... ? Alcohol and Drugs become a tempting option......?


Many of them could find an outlet for their energies? Could find a hobby that INSPIRES them? Could find the help to discover the building blocks for THEIR future?

WHAT IF.... becomes REALITY with.....

The Alexander And Angelina Engineering Inspiration Center Foundation

Stage One

Clear, landscape and design a large plot of land in Rayong (learn planning, landscaping and gardening) and fundraising in preparation for...... Digging out the land in predesigned tracks (learn the use of a digger), in preparation for..... Laying foundations for tracks that locomotives and carriages can run on (learn weight ratios, safety requirements, precision construction) in preparation for..... Constructing carriages for passengers (learn woodwork and to have consideration for safety, comfort, durability, the need for a low centre of gravity, weight distribution in placing of wheels) in preparation for...... Servicing and maintaining a 1:21 scale STEAM locomotive (learn the intricacies of the steam engine, the need for regular maintenance and engineering problem-solving) in preparation for..... Inviting passengers to experience the thrills of riding on a working model steam locomotive in comfort and safety (learn customer service, web-site design, social media, marketing, reliability and accountability) IN PREPARATION FOR .....(click here for a video taster)

Stage Two

Clear, landscape design and fit out a large workshop close to the railway sidings in Rayong (learn architecture, design and layout for active workshop) in preparation for...... Arranging the collection of, road-transportation and delivery of a Full Size, one hundred year old STEAM locomotive from Lopburi station to Rayong by road (learn heavy lifting, road transportation, safety factors, liason with authorities) in preparation for....... Receiving, servicing and maintaining a Full Size steam engine and a number of carriages and restoring them to their former glory (learn stripping and rebuilding an engine and its component parts, the need for regular maintenance, personnel management, business administration, sand blasting and re-painting and engineering problem-solving) in preparation for..... Returning the locomotive to Lopburi, negotiating access for people to the Pasak Chonlasit Dam, the free use of the existing rail tracks and establishing a regular, reliable train service (learn negotiation skills, tourism promotion, customer service, multi-lingual marketing, catering, and responsibility) AND AS A REWARD...........

Stage Three

Change your future prospects from their current, less than exciting levels, to one of an INSPIRING career in Engineering and/or associated trades and even possibly earn yourself a scholarship, thanks to your involvement with the AAAEIC Foundation - Giving Young People the opportunity to be inspired by hands-on training....


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Read on... to a full overview, then to detaills of the AAAEIC Foundation origins.